How I fell for Marcus & how he caught me….
Okay, so, the concert tonight was beyond amazing. However, after, when we were leaving, Marcus was by their van out back with Lucas and Michael, (He hadn’t really been inside much ’cause he still wasn’t feeling well) and I got the guts at the last minute to call out “Hey Marcus, can I give you another hug before we leave?” and he was like “Yeah, totally” so I kinda jogged over since we were kinda far apart and I didn’t want to take forever…. and apparently there was a piece of trash I seroiusly didn’t see on the ground, and of course I tripped over it…
I serioiusly would have completely ate it in front of all of them if he didn’t catch me.
And I was quite impressed, because he didn’t try and dodge me falling, didn’t try to jump out of the way, he just stood strong and caught me.
It was the most embarassing moment of my life.
But then Trevor (from Plug In Stereo) was like ”Oh my god, that was such a movie moment!”
and made me feel less awkward. Sorta.
Moral of the story: Marcus Sand is my savior. And he’s a beautiful person with a drop dead gorgeous smile (I thought this before this all happened…so it just made it better).